Important notice: Being short for a few components, any order of a Blow! won't be send before February the 23th. But you can still place your order if you want!

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Who's Zorg?

Before building pedals, Zorg was first graduated with a master degree in Electronic engineering and a research master in medical imaging. After that he went to work 10 years in the industry on embedded software for autos, planes and cell phones. In parallel Zorg was a 3rd zone guitarist for more or less strange bands. He played in several bands of funk, prog rock, soundpainting, free jazz and free improvisation. His passions for music, electronic and weird sounds naturally lead him to build his own pedals, and then to build them for others...


Zorg effects handcrafts effects pedals one by one in Toulouse, France. Only PCB production is sub-contracted. Everything else is drilled, soldered, mounted, crafted and tested by Zorg himself.

Zorg pedals are all buildt with components specially selected for their audio or mecanicals qualities:

  • Neutriks jacks
  • 0,6w 5% metal film resistances
  • Audio WIMA or Panasonic capacitances
  • Alpha potentiometers and footswitchs
  • Cermet trimmers

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