Important notice: Being short for a few components, any order of a Basic or Full option Blow! won't be send before December the 10th. But you can still place your order if you want!

The Glorious Basstar V2 is available!

Gearphoria reviews the Small Basstar!

There's a Small Basstar review is this September issue of Gearphoria!!!

Zorg Effects is also on Reverb and Instagram...

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The Small Basstar is now available!!!

The Blow! is now available!!!

The Blow! is a preamp for static or condenser mics with a jack effect loop for guitar effects pedals. If you're a singer, saxophone player, trombone or trumpet player, etc. the Blow! will allow you to experiment with guitar pedals without loss in your sound quality.

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Latest reviews:


An award for the Jour de FET!

Overdrive family think that the Jour de FET distortion is one of the best distortion pedal of 2017. It's true, see, it's written here.


If you speak and read french, just released an interview of Zorg Effects. You can read it here:,4857,1.html

Also a few time ago I had a long interview made by Pierre of La Chaine Guitare (the Guitar Channel):