Introducing the Blow!

The Blow! is now available as a pre-order!
Shipping estimation is end of February 2018!

The Blow! is a preamp for static or condenser mics with a jack effect loop for guitar effects pedals. If you're a singer, saxophone player, trombone or trumpet player, etc. the Blow! will allow you to experiment with guitar pedals without loss in your sound quality.

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The Zorgtaver reviewed by Guitare Obsession!!!

Julien Bitoun tested the Zorgtaver and made a great video for you, which allow to remotely trigger disasters:

An award for the Jour de FET!

Overdrive family think that the Jour de FET distortion is one of the best distortion pedal of 2017. It's true, see, it's written here.

The Glorious Basstar reviewed by Guitare Obsession!!!

Coming soon... Well... maybe...

During spring 2017 I took a bit of time to work on cool Euroracks synths modules. I'm already struggling to sell my pedals on a over-saturated market, Im' not sure I should open a second war front on another one. So if you think it's worth a release please mail me your approval!

Retail prices should be:
- Love philter: around 160-180€
- Zcrom, dual VCA/Crossfader: 130€
- Zcrom, triple VCA/Crossfader/Mixer: 180€

Love Philter and dual Zcrom should be available as kits for about half their mounted prices. The triple Zcrom being a nightmare to assemble I might not sell it as a kit.

The Zorglonde reviewed by !

There's a Zorglonde review made by (In italian) here:
But they also made a video with subtitles:


If you speak and read french, just released an interview of Zorg Effects. You can read it here:,4857,1.html

Also a few time ago I had a long interview made by Pierre of La Chaine Guitare (the Guitar Channel):

Plenty of Love Philter...

Foster's lab did a video of the Love Philter in situation with mighty presets. Pietro Paolo Falco from perfectly nailed what's the Love Philter is for and thus made an amazing article (In Italian), and a fantastic video which speaks by itself.
Please do learn Italian and check their excellent website at

The jour de FET on Overdrive Family!

Joris from Overdrive Family wrote (in french) a review with an excellent video of the jour de FET! It's Here...
Please check their cool website on:

How extreme the Glorious Basstar can be?

Ever wondered how absdurd can be the extreme setttings of the Glorious Basstar?
Well check this sound clip courtesy of Lionel from Le baron de Vincèse:

Glorious Basstar review on Effects Database!

A review of the Glorious Basstar has been released on Effects Database. Read the review here!!!

And the eight minutes video is here: