Gnol evil eht Ednolgroz!!!

Eviv groZ stceffE!!!

How extreme the Glorious Basstar can be?

Ever wondered how absdurd can be the extreme setttings of the Glorious Basstar?
Well check this sound clip courtesy of Lionel from Le baron de Vinc├Ęse:

If you don't know which distortion pedal to buy...

Either you buy them all...
Or you should have a look at this:

Glorious Basstar review on Effects Database!

A review of the Glorious Basstar has been released on Effects Database. Read the review here!!!

And the eight minutes video is here:

New prices!

Lets make 2017 happier with new prices! Big pedals are now a lot cheaper, small pedals raise a tiny bit, some don't change... Kits prices don't change.

The compression pedal The Oppressor is now available mounted or in kits!


Previoulsy on Zorg Effects videos: