Gérald Gimenez

Lionel Culié

Loïc Caradec
Loïc Caradec aka Goulven, is a soda machine player at The Longhorns, The Fabulous Titty Twisters, Guitare Village Unlimited Ukulele Orchestra and also demonstrator for IT-11 Audio.

Love Philter.

Dorian Dutech

Pierre Terrisse
Double Bass and bass player of the band HØST

Zorgverdrive Mosfet, Glorious Basstar

Julien Bitoun
Flamboyant and improbable guitar player at Julien Bitoun Trio.
(And also Teacher, writer, blogger, podcaster, youtuber and musicologist).


William Laudinat
William Laudinat aka Tanidual is producer and trumpet player in Tanidual, Walter Sextant, Les Fanflures, Compagnie Merversible , EPS.

Zorgtaver, Love Philter.

Heddy Boubaker
Electric bass & guitars, sound bricoleur, free-improvised-music, sounds & noises, electro-acoustic-improvisation, free-rock & free-jazz, dessins/drawings, and much more…
Heddy Boubaker's website

Custom Zorglonde

Kévin Balzan-Dorizas
Bass player of Acropolis Bye Bye, La marmaille.

Glorious Basstar.

Gabriel Denneulin

Rémi Lavillonière
Musician and Producer for Remi L, Lorenzo and the Lamas, and CEO at Crabe Records

Zorgverdrive Mosfet, Zorg custom Ibanez Fat Cat, Fuzz and Screamer.